“It’s a different part of Wyoming, a different kind of writing about it. The immigrant experience in Wyoming just hasn’t been written much about,” said Nina McConigley, author of the forthcoming book, “Cowboys and East Indians.”

McConigley, a Casper native, attended St. Anthony’s School, Dean Morgan Junior High and then Natrona County High School. She left Casper to obtain a bachelor’s in literature, a master’s in English and a master’s in creative writing. She's won numerous awards and been published by several national magazines and anthologies.

She still considers Casper home although she moved to Austin, Texas, two months ago. “I’m excited to come home,” she said.

The book is a collection of 10 short stories, the majority of which are set in Wyoming. Two of the stories are set in India, but Wyoming characters are present. “Every story has Wyoming in it,” McConigley said.

She has a unique relationship with Wind City Books. For six months as she was writing, she rented an office space in the Townsend building, which is almost above Wind City Books. She would often walk downstairs to the bookstore to take a break when she was writing. “Wind City Books is such an amazing independent bookstore and they're so supportive of Wyoming writers. I’m honored to have this event there.”

The book doesn't have a scheduled publishing date yet. “It will be spring or summer of 2013,” she said. Her publisher, Five Chapter Books, allowed her to have the reading in her hometown to celebrate and thank the Casper community for all of the support given to her while writing the book.

Wind City Books will host a reading by McConigley at 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 2.

For more information on McConigley, go to www.ninamcconigley.com.

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