The baseball season is always a favorite time of year for me, but as a fan of the Colorado Rockies I am happy to see the 2012 regular season come to an end. It has been a painful season for Rockies fans as our favorite team will finish the season with a record that includes a hundred losses.

That failure is just not acceptable and it will be a pleasure to simply forget about this past season. There are more than a few reasons for the lousy Rockies record and I am sure there will be plenty of suggested moves that might remedy the situation for 2013.

The Rockies finish the season some twenty games behind the Giants and Dodgers and we can’t accept that kind of performance. There will be a number of suggestions to get the Rockies back into a contending position in the N.L. West.

Some fans would like to see a change that would replace Jim Tracy as the Colorado manager. And others will blame Dan O’Dowd and the Rockies front office for the team’s poor record this time around.

There is likely enough blame to go around, but the Rockies fans certainly don’t deserve any of the blame. The Coors Field crowds this season have been terrific with over two and a half million fans for the Rockies home games.

On the plus side, the future should be better as the Rockies have a host of young players who have performed well this season. It has been especially rewarding to see several players who started their professional careers in Casper making an impact in the big leagues.

Players like Wilin Rosario and Jordan Pacheco have proved to be the kind of players who can propel the Rockies to contender status in future years.

The fact that the Colorado ownership decided to leave Casper and move to Grand Junction left a bad taste in my mouth, but I will still be a Rockies fan. It would appear that the big league club has more than a few talented young players and that should make the future a lot brighter.

So let’s just forget about the Rockies 2012 campaign and look foward to a new season next spring. We can just look ahead and join a great many other baseball fans when we say: “Wait till next year”. By then I’ll be hungry for Rockies baseball again.

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