Why am I running

I want to be an advocate for the core industries in Wyoming that are in a down cycle. We need to promote more sales of our minerals and agriculture products, keeping our tourism strong. We should pursue every value added business we can for these core industries. The state can encourage coal to liquids plants and coal power generation in the state to use more of our state coal resource. The state should cut the red tape on establishing natural gas facilities in the state. We need to seriously encourage more oil refining in our state which means more Wyoming jobs. We should look at any value added avenues we can with our agriculture products that will create jobs in Wyoming.

Top issue to constituents

In my door to door campaign I have heard from District 28 voters that they want less government intervention in their lives and their businesses. They want less taxation, personally and in business. They want better and less expensive education for the children. They want more college courses/degrees that apply to Wyoming economies to keep the next generation in the state. They also want their second amendment right to bear arms protected. These are all principles I will apply to any vote I have the privilege to cast in the State Senate

What are the issues that concern you most today

I am very concerned with the weak markets for our agriculture and minerals products. These weak markets convert to job loss in our state because so much of the employment is tied to these core industries. This also means tax revenue losses to the state in the future. We must pursue any option to find new markets for our Wyoming products and we have many. Oil and natural gas, bentonite, trona, agriculture crops, livestock, coal, timber are just a few that need our attention.

I am also concerned we are not funding our State highways properly, I will work to secure permanent and sustainable funding for State highways. Our future tourism industry depends on high quality state highways.

We must find a way to work with the environmental extremists that want to block us from producing our natural resources, minerals and timber.

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