Cemetery gate closure

On Friday Nov. 4 city crews will permanently close the cemetery gate located on Conwell Street over safety concerns. Due to a hill, vehicles exiting and entering the cemetery through the Conwell gate have difficulty seeing northbound vehicles on Conwell Street. The closure is not expected to affect public access to the cemetery.

The public may access the cemetery using the gate located on 4th Street by the CATC office or by using the main cemetery gate located next to the cemetery office on 12th and Lowell Streets.

For questions or additional information, contact Mike Leyba at mleyba@casperwy.gov or

(307) 235-8317.

November is leaf collection month

Fall is in full swing, which means that soon residents will begin raking leaves. During the month of November, Casper residents with city trash service may place bagged leaves for extra collection. Residents may place as many bags of leaves as they have gathered.

To make sure that bagged leaves are collected, residents should do the following:

• Curbside customers should place bagged leaves at the curb at least 3 feet from garbage containers; not on sidewalks.

• Alley customers may place the bags behind their property in the alley.

• All bags should be placed by 7 a.m. on the day of collection.

Extra collection days are either on the first and third or second and fourth trash days of the month. Due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday, Thursday customers will have their trash collected on Friday and Friday customers on Saturday. Those customers, whose extra collection falls on that week, may place their leaves on their delayed trash day. Residents can find their extra leaf collection day on the City’s website at www.casperwy.gov or by calling 307-235-8246.

All the leaves collected will be taken to the compost yard, saving landfill space and used to make compost. Yard waste including grass, leaves, and branches may also be taken for free to the compost yard located at the solid waste facility. The facility is open Monday through Saturday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

For questions or additional information, contact the Solid Waste Division at 307-235-8246.

Eastside recycling depot relocated

One of Casper’s eight recycling depots located at Walmart East closed on Thursday, Sept. 15, and its replacement opened at Viking Court, a location off Wyoming Boulevard across from Verda James School. “We are relocating the depot to city-owned property,” explained Cynthia Langston, solid waste manager. “Walmart has been very generous in allowing us to have our recycling depot located there until we could arrange for a permanent location.”

Additional recycling depots in Casper are located at: Wyoming Boulevard near the west entrance to the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds; Rocky Mountain Discount Sports; by Paradise Valley pool; by Meals on Wheels; at the North Casper soccer fields in the east parking lot along K Street; in Huber Park; and at the Balefill. All depots have self-serve bins for cardboard, white paper, newspaper, magazines, number one and number two plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass. “All these commodities, with the exception of glass, are taken to Wyoming Recycling and sold for recycling, while the glass is crushed and reused at the solid waste facility,” explained Langston.

More information is available at www.casperwy.gov or (307) 235-8246.

MFD receives high rating

Mills Fire Department recently participated in a national ISO grading. “ISO” stands for Insurance Services Office which is intended to grade fire departments on fire suppression features. These features include: response times, water systems, equipment used by the fire department, staffing and training of the fire fighters. Mills Fire Department was previously graded at an ISO rating of 5. After participating in the ISO survey, the Mills Fire Department improved from the ISO 5 to a ISO rating of 2/2x. The substantial increase in ISO rating was partly due to the extensive training, documentation, and rapid response times to emergency incidents in the community. In 2015, there were only 1,342 Fire Departments nationwide with an ISO rating of a 2 or higher, which is considered to be a high standard. With this improvement to the Mills Fire Department ISO grade, The Town of Mills residents and businesses could see a decrease in insurance costs. Mills Fire Department will continue to provide improvements with public service for the community and department.

Report broken streetlights

With the days getting shorter, many Casper residents go to work and come home in the dark. While not enjoyable, this can make it easier to spot streetlights that are out or flickering. The City of Casper and Rocky Mountain Power are encouraging residents to report these lights so that they can be repaired.

While most streetlights are owned by Rocky Mountain Power, others in the area are owned by the city of Casper and the Wyoming Department of Transportation. Streetlight outages are best reported to Rocky Mountain Power by visiting Rocky Mountain Power’s website: www.rockymountainpower.net. Following a citizen report to this website, Rocky Mountain Power will determine the ownership of the streetlight so repairs can begin.

When reporting a street light outage, the following information will be requested:

  • Your contact information (to update you on the status of repair)
  • The address of the streetlight, or the nearest cross street
  • The pole number; which can be found on a metal plate or sticker that is 6 or 7 feet up from the base of the pole
  • The problem with the light, which might be that it is out, flickering, on during the day, or that it has a broken lens

Once a failing streetlight is reported, the repair process can begin. If the streetlight is part of the Rocky Mountain Power streetlight system, you will receive a tracking number for your report in a work order number via email, so that you may keep track of its status or follow up on the repairs later. If the streetlight belongs to the city or the state, you will be notified of the disposition of the work request.

For questions or additional information, contact Shad Rodgers at 307-235-8283.

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